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    How sustainability leadership provides both the will to learn and the will to change

    Jun Che’, Jun K’aslem (one tree, one life) was one of many action plans that came out of the community congress in Patzun in June 2015. The youth behind the plan, a group of change makers from the community of Chuacacai, were all filled with hope and belief that they can make a change. Education

  • Advancing sustainability leadership through University partnerships

    Last year, SERES partnered with the University of California, Irvine to develop a series of transformative sustainability leadership programs for undergraduate and graduate students on campus. Here’s the latest report from UCI’s Sustainability Initiative about the programs that were developed through this partnership.

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    Gatecrashing the party – Julio Tojín arrives uninvited

    Julio Tojín Vásquez is a 21-year-old young man from Uspantán, Quiché. His great charisma and gracefulness makes him stand out from the crowd. He possess remarkable speaking abilities and great communications skills. We had the opportunity of interviewing him for SERES’s Annual Meeting and here’s a copy of our conversation: Do you like to read?

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    Mikaela Wants Us To Get Out Of Our Comfort Zone

    María Mikaela Yac Salanic is 22 years old and since September 2013 she is a part of SERES. She is one of many young SERES leaders believing a better future is possible. “Every action makes an impact” she says when we meet her in our annual summit. “So, what I want to see is that

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    From Nicaragua with hope, open letter from Abigail

    Dear good living schemers: Water is a living force that travels through our planet and enables life. I think about this resource and I feel a flow of energy across myself. SERES became the opportunity to dedicate all my willingness toward its defense, and now, I want to talk about it. Guatemala’s water situation is